Lucky Step

Lucky Step

Fascinating simplicity. The laconism of details, minimalism, a light palette with the addition of bright spots. What could be better after a hard day? Or maybe you need to kill the time during a long trip or a boring wait?

LuckyStep is a game for everyone who likes to spend time with benefits. Train your brain - ingenuity and innovative solutions, dexterity, and patience - get to the finish line without breaking the ball by the obstacles!

Each new level is a new city with a fascinating route and fresh, relaxing colors. Move forward, manage to slip between moving blocks, cross the route and become a winner! Blocks can be of different shapes and sizes, but remember, each of them has its own specific speed! This knowledge will help you reach the finish line.


  • Overcome obstacles, earn score points and move on to the next even more exciting level!
  • Enjoy brevity and simplicity with LuckyStep!
  • Each new level is a new city with its own unique relaxing colors! Get some rest!
  • Go through the blocks faster! Remember, the ball can break down! Be careful!
  • LuckyStep will pump your brain! Forward to the victory!
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