Touch the stars, everything is possible in the puzzle game Elementix!

Travel through the underwater world with its bright fish, playful jellyfish, fast seahorses and giant whales. Walk across the colorful meadows of the green world or enjoy the fantastic scenery of the purple world. Admire the incredible sunsets and dawns in the red world or discover something new among the vastness of space.

The logical game Elementix presents 200 exciting levels with incredible adventures and unexpected meetings.

Only upward to new discoveries is the main motto of Elementix! Travel upward on the game map and discover new locations with the passage of each new level.

You need to move the game chips to their bases making as less steps as possible to pass the level. You can move chips only vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally. Several game chips can be placed in one row and if one of them moves then the entire row moves.


  • 200 fascinating levels in five amazing worlds. And this is only the beginning!
  • No to time limits! Play at your own pace, think about every step and enjoy the colorful design!
  • Travel through the colorful landscapes of the game map from the most remote sea depths to the boundless vastness of space. And find out what's next?
  • At each level, unexpected meetings with different Elementix dwellers that will interfere you in the tasks are waiting for you. Wolves, raccoons, foxes, bats, spiders and even mushrooms. All kinds of obstacles in here!
  • To pass each level you are given a certain number of steps. The less moves is spent, the more points you get. Also, the carrots are given for the successful walkthrough of the level.
  • The Bomb and Undo boosters will help you to pass the level. Use them in the most desperate situations!
  • Nothing to do with the natural disasters. A volcanic eruption, a falling meteorite or a piece of ice block the walkthrough of the level. Be careful!
  • In the warehouse, you can exchange carrots for boosters. Besides, carrots can be bought for real money.
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